Quality flooring, no matter the type it is, (Carpet, Vinyl, Tile or Hardwood) is always a must for any residential or commercial space. If it gets any traffic at all you want to have that which is highly durable and adds that extra something to that space of yours.

What makes the difference to our clientele is our high-standards flooring materials that we begin with; to which we add our dedication to the best client experience we at Robison Distributing Flooring & Design are known for. Whichever type of flooring you get, you can rest assured it is the best.

As a wholesale distributor to dozens upon dozens of flooring manufacturers, we can gain for you, your flooring project large or small the ideal pricing to bring you within budget. No matter if you need a few hundred square feet or thousands upon thousands of square yards of berber carpet or cherry walnut hardwood, whichever flooring material, we have got you covered.

Since 1939, and for 3 generations and counting, Robison Distributing Flooring & Design remains family-owned and operated. The terms of “personal and professional touch” are how those doing business with us describe us. Along with our commitment to the best quality work, that’s exactly how we like it!

When you bring in your order for hardwood, carpet, vinyl or tile for your next retail project or you are switching out flooring for your own home, we definitely got you covered!