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How to Be That Great Flooring Contractor Who Everyone Refers

From those who are just starting out in the industry, to those seasoned veterans of flooring's ever-changing odyssey - The one question that keeps some awake at night and others still plugging away day after day is, "How do I become that Flooring Contractor that keeps the referrals coming?"Here's few tips that can help in [...]

How to Be That Great Flooring Contractor Who Everyone Refers2018-07-29T00:43:31+00:00

Race to the Finish

How to Choose the Right Applicator for the Job (This article by Brett Miller can be found by Clicking Here) There is a wide variety of finish options being introduced and used in the wood flooring industry today. Some traditional, some vintage finishes making a resurgence, and some coming straight from the tailgate. The application [...]

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The Hottest Trends in Flooring

  In the flooring world, carpeting is getting softer. Wood is getting more roughed-up. And vinyl is getting more luxurious. Original Article can be found here by Mary Umberger) Yes, you read that right. “Luxury vinyl” isn't a contradiction in terms — it’s the phrase du jour among those who pay close attention to the [...]

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Berber Carpets

What to Know About Berber (Original article can be found here) Berber carpet is a popular style because of its wool-like and rugged look, its durability, and its economic cost. Berber, also called high level loop, is a weave of tight yarn loops that stand upright in a nubby texture. Looped carpets like the Berber [...]

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Flooring Buyer’s Guide

  Given the wide array of flooring options available... ...you're bound to find one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Learn about 8 popular flooring types to find your match. (The original article is written by John Riha and can be found on HGTV by Clicking Here) Today’s choices in flooring are more varied than [...]

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